Winter Blast in a Galaxy Not so Far Away

Clarks Summit serves as the central hub for the Abingtons in North Eastern Pennsylvania, and each year for the last 15, the Abington Business and Professional Association has presented a stunning display of ice sculptures for a weekend in February. The Clarks Summit Festival of Ice attracts residents from across the region who fill State Street to get a glimpse at the icy art. They can see how the pieces are sculpted and warm up in any of the several small business that open their doors with special merchandise, and have activities that correspond with the festival’s selected theme.

Many came out in full costume- braving the frigid temperatures to participate in the fun of the Star Wars inspired festivities. All the attention brings a spotlight to the local shops who join in on the fun.

I always make an effort to get out to the festival at least one day of the weekend. It’s one of my favorite parts of living in Clarks Summit. In all honesty, I would much rather live in a city. Somewhere always busy, always working, always creating, always moving. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog. To find the places, the creativity, the inspiration, right where I was. The ice festival is exactly the type of event that lures people to want to live in more urban areas. No cover charge, just find a parking spot- if you can- and explore what the hard working minds the area created. But it’s not set in a side street of Brooklyn, NY, or in Adams Morgan in D.C. It’s right here, for me. It’s so worth while that it gets me, someone who hates winter in the depths of my core, to bundle up and walk the main street of my town to look at frozen ice every year. It’s exactly what I’m looking for from a community.

Watching a live carving, snagging a selfie with Chewie, and warming up talking to local shop owners, brings me a feeling of pride to live in my town every year. We have so many unique places here, that if you didn’t need to go to a hospital, you theoretically could live your entire life with out leaving the Abingtons. Grocery stores, both local and chains, tatoo parlors, clothing stores, art studios, diners, coffee shops, cooking lessons, salons, candy stores, and so much more. All squeezed on State Street in Clarks Summit.

Traveling is a beautiful and important experience. Sometimes for sanity’s sake it’s best to pack up your Millennium Falcon and go explore a new planet. You don’t always need to go to a galaxy far far away to experience something you’ve been craving though. Sometimes you just need to look around at the beautiful minds, the hard work, the creativity, the passion already around you. Sometimes you are meant to be exactly where you’re at.

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